The Squid Head Story

Squid Head 1
For those of us who were under the age of 10 in the early half of the 1980s, we generally remember the decade as a magical time. A time when every action figure was awesome, every backyard excursion an epic adventure, hose water tasted just fine, and the 31 flavors at Baskin Robbins was forever sweeter than anything Ben & Jerry came up with 10 years later. Okay, so the kid next door was a punk, but other than that, as long as you weren’t in school everything rocked.The most magical era of my childhood was the few years before and during kindergarten. Despite being the farthest back, I have better memories from that period than from anything afterward. Much of that can be attributed to my introduction to Star Wars in mid-1982. Not long afterward, the inevitable action figure collecting began. No parent could escape it. Those toys were sold everywhere, literally. I think the local tire shop even had a selection of them! We’ll never see that kind of sweeping market saturation again.

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